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We are Educators First.

Founded by Teachers, Driven by a Single
Uncompromising Purpose - To Make a Quality
Education Available to Everyone.

GEMS Around the World

Some Numbers Defining Our Global Presence

  • 5


    of Educational Excellence

  • 2,50,000


    from over 160 Nationalities

  • 20,000


    from 115 Nationalities

  • 48


    Over 980 Universities

  • 1550+


    Regional and International

How Did It All Start?

In 1959, two teachers, KS Varkey and his wife Mariama, arrived in Dubai.

At the time, Dubai was a burgeoning trade centre on the Arabian Gulf. The Varkey family had left Kerala, India to seek a better life for their family. What they found was a real need to educate children arriving in the city from around the world.

Their son, Sunny, added a visionary's ambition to a practitioner's experience. From simple roots in a family of teachers, GEMS Education, is today an international company with schools and education services in 48 countries. We still share the same mission - to provide quality education to everyone.