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We at GEMS Education believe that every child is a gem, unique, with limitless potential, talent and strength. With the right care and attention, we work towards bringing out the true potential in children.

Backed by over 55 years of experience of GEMS Education, Little GEMS is an early years school based on UK's EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stages) curriculum.

Taking from the latest international research on brain functioning and development in the early years, it lays emphasis on children's intrinsic curiosity which leads to creativity in the later years.

Our School Facilities

  • Psychomotor Gym

    Music and movement based Eurhythmics programme with focus on gross motor development through balance, stretching, skipping, jumping and hopping.

  • ICT and Technology

    Wi-Fi enabled campuses. Students have access to LED / Smartboards and iPads.

  • Bespoke Programmes

    These are integrated into the school day and include specialised materials for English vocabulary, reading enhancement and Visual / Expressive Arts and Design

  • Sensorial Corridor

    Children at a young age explore their environment through their senses. Multi-sensorial learning experiences are fostered through this area, in addition to the many other such experiences in the classrooms and Eurisko Discovery Zone.

  • Outdoor Play

    A dedicated area for learning through play. It includes the Jungle Gym with different types of challenges.

  • EURISKO Discovery Zone

    Classes are set up with learning corners giving children the choice of play activity before they are brought together for circle-time. This helps ease anxiety and gets them comfortable initially and later facilitates self-regulation, independent and group learning behaviour.


The teachers plan around the above mentioned areas of learning. Through continuous assessment they ensure the learning pathway of each child is closely tracked and monitored.

Safety, Care and Security

  • CCTV cameras, RFID card for authorized handover of children. Automated messages for tracking while travelling to and from School.
  • Nannies have been appointed in schools (immunized and trained specifically to interact with children safely).
  • All schools are attached to reputed hospitals nearby.

We’ve Done Our Homework For Your Child

Years of research has gone into developing our curriculum and teaching approaches that focus on maximising learning experiences for your child. Our curriculum is based on development of skills: First they acquire knowledge, and then use this to develop and acquire skills. This leads to enhanced understanding and enables application of their learning to new situations.


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