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What the World Says About Us

  • 'It is rather unique, this organization that Mr. Varkey and his family has put together. The fact is they are providing really high quality education and they are doing it in a way that I think is very interesting, very innovative and actually very exciting and there's lots education systems worldwide can learn from this.

    Today I've seen children from 87 nationalities in one GEMS school, learning about the world alongside each other. Good Learning creates understanding, overcomes prejudice and opens dialogue.'

  • 'The World Economic Forum is delighted to have GEMS Education as a member of our Community of Global Growth Companies, among the most dynamic growing companies in the world.

    As an innovator in the field of eduction they have proven how the private sector can raise standards and contribute to society as a whole.

    Given their leading role in K-12 education, we believe that they will make a valuable contribution to the community.'

  • Sheikh Mohammed praise the Varkey family's great contribution to the national economy through many investments.

    He commended the role played by the Varkey family in contributing to building private education and healthcare infrastructure across the UAE.

  • The Hounarable President of India Smt. pratibha Patil has awarded Mr Sunny Varkey, Founder and Chairman of GEMS Education, with one of the country's highest honours, Padma Shri Award, in recognition of his outstanding contribution to Education And Social Service.

  • 'GEMS Education is regarded as a pioneer of education innovation around the world, so LG Electronics, in its capacity as a global technology innovator sees many synergies between our two companies.

    IT plays such an important role in the learning process in schools, so we are proud to world with GEMS in order to help fulfill the ambitionof gems school children globally.'

  • 'Honestly GEMS Schools are some of the most leading edge schools that I have ever been to. I mean the curriculum that you have shown me, that I have been exposed to, the space and science and technology that you are trying to bring in to your curriculum, certainly even at the higher ages and lower ages is really inspiring.'